Label: Constantin Music
Cat No: KK003

Max Farberbock

1. Anonyma Prelude
2. Goodbye, My Friend *
3. Berlin 1945
4. Fear
5. In The Gates Of Hell
6. Anonyma Faith
7. Between Life And Death
8. The Triumphant Hordes
9. Reaching Tomorrow
10. Anonyma Hope
11. I Need To Survive
12. Prayer
13. The Next day
14. Anonyma Love
15. The Victors' Ball
16. Catharsis **
17. Goodbye, My Friend (end titles) *
18. Berlin 1945 Reminiscence
19. We Will Never Forget
20. To Anonyma
Orchestra Cracov Philharmonic Musicians
Conductor Adam Klocek
Soloists Marcin Wasilewski - piano
Konrad Mastyo - piano
Jozef Skrzek - Hammond organ
Anna Sikorzak-Olek - harp
Ewa Ochwat - voice **
Andrzej Szydowski - voice *

Anonyma is a German-Polish co-production, directed and scripted by Max Färberböck.

The film is based on 'A Woman in Berlin' ('Eine Frau in Berlin'), a published diary of the period from 20 April to 22 June 1945 in Berlin.

The author was a well-known German journalist, and at her request the diary was published anonymously for her protection. The book details the writer's experiences as a rape victim during the Red Army occupation of the city. Only after her death was she identified.

The diary describes with objectivity the occupation of Berlin by the Soviets at the end of World War II, and explains many of the horrors that the protagonist faced and the struggle of the inhabitants to survive. The role of Anonyma is played by the leading German actress Nina Hoss. The film was premiered in Koln on 14th October 2008 and in Berlin on 15th October 2008.

Recorded and mixed by Zbigniew Preisner and Leszek Kaminski at Preisner Studio, Niepolomice, Poland.